317-1800 CAR ALARMSCar alarms

  • 2 x random coded remote controls
  • All doors, boot & bonnet protection
  • 113 D-B siren
  • Engine Immobiliser
  • Remote panic function
  • Optional boot release
  • Flashing indicator confirmation
  • Flashing led dashlight
  • Chirp confirmation
  • Central locking hook-up (to most vehicles)
  • 12 month warranty
  • Emergency override
  • On site fitting & more

From $396.00 (Fully Installed)

A2A-6 CAR ALARMCar alarm anititheft kit

  • All doors & boot
  • Back up battery siren
  • All black wiring
  • 2 point Immobiliser
  • 3 point Immobiliser (optional)
  • Glass break sensor
  • Central locking hook up
  • 2x random coded remote controls
  • Flashing indicators
  • Led flashing dashlight
  • Optional boot release
  • Electronic override
  • Remote panic function
  • Australian standards 4601 compliant
  • 12-months warranty
  • On site fitting & more

From $450.00 (Fully Installed)

‘U’ Series Upgrade Alarm (u2-6 pictured)

U Series Upgrade Alarm
Using the factory Remote Control our Upgrade Alarms give you the following:
  • Integrates with factory remote keys
  • Doors, bonnet and boot protection
  • Piezo shock sensor
  • Digital battery siren
  • Flashing LED (Blue superbright also available)
  • Optional Engine Immobiliser (0, 2 or 3 points)
  • Pin number override
  • Central locking integration/CANBUS available
  • Black wiring harness/Tracking interface
  • Eight sector automatic diagnostic system
  • 24 Volt models available
  • Designed and tested to Australian Standards
  • Ute canopy protection
  • Ultrasonic Interior Sensors (Glass Breakage)

From $595.00

Quality Car Alarms and Installations

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Give your vehicle the best protection and give yourself peace of mind for an affordable price thanks to the expert and on-the-spot security system installers at Steve’s Car Alarms. For car alarms that won’t alarm you call us on 1800 819 586.